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Welcome to The Calypso Orchid Company, Mendocino County, California USA

This site updated February 15, 2014. Please refresh your browser and bookmarks. The 2013 seed harvest is now sold out. 2014 will be available in August 2014.

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Native Calypso bulbosa orchids are protected and hand pollinated to bring you ripe, clean, high quality Calypso orchid seed for naturalizing, research, and orchid hobbyist.

Calypso bulbosa orchid variety occidentalis is a hardy terrestrial orchid native to the coniferous boreal forests of the northern hemisphere preferring natural undisturbed cool shady habitat.

Photographs and more information inside!

Sown for naturalizing in suitable forest habitat, forex trading the seed will find the right symbiont to help nourish and nurture the developing orchid protocorm.

Please browse the inside pages of links and information on the Calypso bulbosa Orchid. This website is the first reliable source verified seed supplier of Calypso bulbosa orchid seed in the world.


Information on the latest successful in vitro germination of Calypso bulbosa orchid. Follow the left link to Calypso in vitro.
NEW ITEM coming soon! Lilium rubescens, the Mendocino County Western native redwood lily. Also known by the common names chaparral lily, lilac lily and chamise lily. I am working to have seed and bulbs for naturalizing, conservation, and collectors. Follow the Lilium rubescens link on the left to watch this project grow.

Look to the left hand menu to find a link to Calypsogrower's Blog. It is a collection of Calypso Orchid photos and my writings about all the details fit to print as I learn to grow Calypso bulbosa Orchid in nature and in vitro.

If you have a non-profit that supports orchid habitat get in touch about donations. The Calypso Orchid Company has joined the Orchid Conservation Coalition and pledges one percent for orchid habitat conservation. I am hoping to do this by making a donation of orchid seed to a non-profit to support orchid habitat.

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